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A creative team

passionated about finding sustainable solutions for everyday life

We care about you

You deserve the best. Yes, You. We are here to make your sustainable living as easy and accessible as possible. Want to have nutritious food? Searching for eco-friendly daily cosmetics? Sustainable household products? Let us help you and to be part of your Zero Waste journey.

We care about the environment

Unit Markt is spreading the love with Zero Waste movement, offering plastic-free and package-free solutions. We support organic & biodynamic farming which keeps soil and ecosystem running naturally.

We care about the living creatures

We care about animal well-being and therefore we are against animal testing. As a vegan you shall find peace when shopping at Unit. Find a large variety of vegan option from our stores.

We care about the future

The actions that are made today will affect to the life of the future generations. Our goal is to provide the future generations a sustainable and healthy living environment. Lets do this together!

earth. we are one earth. we are one