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Glass jar revolution


The decreasing availability of sand for glass made us question: if a glass jar can be disinfected and reused why wouldn’t we do that?

The infamous Glass Jar

Where some like to fit their trash in a jar we thought to become the greatest glass recycling & handling spot. At Unit we handle the jars with full-service from scrubbing old stickers to desinfection process and bringing them back to use. With this action we are running one of the most effective circular economy process for reusable packaging solution.


Meanwhile one european produces 170 kilos of package waste every year, an average 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean at the same time. Biodegradable packaging materials are mostly factory made which therefore generates pollution for both air and water.

Our goal

We are on a mission finding sustainable solutions for living on earth and making it accessible for as many as possible. Because we care about our Planet and all the creatures living on it. Let’s do this together!


Only couple of months has passed since the project has started and the results are effective. Join the glass jar revolution today and make us your next glass recycling spot. Reusing has never been this much fun - and earth friendly!

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Make Unit Markt your next glass recycling spot! Bring the glass jars to us and receive 5% discount from bulk products. At Unit the jars get washed properly and continue their lives in delighting zero waste journey of all of us. Cheers!